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malicious software removal tool

Malicious software (malware) is any software that gives partial to full control of your computer to do whatever the malware creator wants. Malware can be a virus, worm, trojan, adware, spyware, root kit, etc.

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Why you need this?

No doubt,there are numerous worms,viruses,malware,rootkit,trojan,spyware or spy software threats waiting for you when you go online and your PC easily gets infected.Annoying toolbars,pop up ads,browser redirects also tease you a lot.So,in order to get rid of all these things you need a reliable and a working solution.

It will destroy the following threats:-

1. Unwanted/pop up Ads
2. Unwanted Toolbars
3. Unwanted Applications
4. Viruses,Worms,Trojans,Rootkits,Spy software etc.
5. Browser redirects etc

1. Unwanted Ads:-

The ads which show again and again or pop up when you are busy in your work,tease you and slow your work speed.

2. Unwanted Toolbars:-

These unwanted toolbars are a type of adware also known as browser hijackers. A browser hijacker changes your web browser's home page and default search provider to a different one without your permission. 

3. Unwanted Applications:-

The softwares or applications  which are installed in your computer without your permission with the installation of some other software or program.

4. Viruses,Worms,Trojans,Rootkits,Spy software  are a dangerous threat to your computer and to your privacy.

5. Browser redirects or homepage changers are a type of adware which redirect your page or change your homepage without your permission.

You just need one solution of these problems and that is:-

                                "Malicious Software Removal Tool" 

It is a portable antimalware program, which aims to detect and (if found) remove malicious files and registry entries related to rootkitstrojansviruseswormsspywareadwarerogue antivirus programsransomware, and other malware from infected computers.

A fast all-in-one tool to locate, identify and remove viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits and other malware. It will quickly scan your PC.

Uses innovative cloud computing techniques to detect and remove potential malware threats with minimal impact on system performance.


I JUST HAD to express my thanks and tell you what a wonderful product you have. It actually detected threats on my computer that have been there for MONTHS. I have scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Avast!, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware among others and not one of them ever detected it. Numerous numerous scans. Didn't even know it was there, was looking for something else when detected, Great work and THANKS. 

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